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She chuckles and gives him a little nuzzle. “You’re not an idiot, you’re just a free-spirited sillyhead.” She grins. “I swear, I’m going to need to start carrying an extra pair of socks and shoes of yours in my bag to help remind you to wear them as it turns into autumn. Hopefully you don’t forget int he winter, though, when it’s snowy and frosty and icy-cold! Hehe.” 

Lilah pauses with a hum, one of her hands idly rubbing his side up and down. 

Her tone turns from playful to quiet and somber again. “You don’t have to. It was just a reminder that, if you feel like it, it’s an option.” She sits up a little to peer at him with another smile. “Now, then. To go to school today, or to not go to school today; that is the question.”

#I vote roller rink. #Do you know how to rollerskate? #If not I will pay for a movie.

"When it gets cold it’s easier to remember to wear ‘em," Zane replies, idly flicking the lighter on and off again. He looks around and a smiles, a bit of embarrassment in his features,

"Heh, honestly I’d…rather not go to school. Rollerskatin’ sounds fun though. I mean, I’m not the greatest at it and don’ even try and get me into rollerblades. But sure. I’m up for it." He hesitates and then lightly kisses her forehead,

"Thanks, green-eyes. I thinkin’ I’d be a royal mess without you…"


Lilah rests her free hand on his knee, tilting her head to guide his lips with her own to a more unified movement. She hums lightly, briefly, and the hand previously on his shoulder creeps up onto his nape under his ponytail, and she speeds up the kiss slightly before returning to the gentle rhythm they began with.

When she pulls away, eyes fluttering open, cheeks pink, she smiles fondly at him, kissing the tip of his nose before wrapping both arms around him, her forehead falling softly to his collarbone, her legs bunched up beside his.

"You can talk to me about anything, you know. And I’ll always try to help you any way I can, or just be here when you need me. And not only as a girlfriend, but as a friend, too. Never be afraid, because I’m the last person who would judge you or any situation you fall into."

#You need to wear shoes though. You’ll get sick in cold weather like this. I know you dislike the confines of shoes but #your feet and top of your head regular your temperature. So you need them i order to maintain homeostasis.

When Lilah pulls back, Zane’s ears are still red but for the most part his blush has vanished. He slowly loops one arm around Lilah in an almost absent minded manner, flicking at his lighter with his free hand.

"I know…" He mumbles, chewing on his lip, "I know I can and I should but I just—" He stops, looking around at her in bewilderment, "Shoes? Wear my…what?" The teen glances down at his feet and then chuckles,

"Oh, would you look at that. I left home without my shoes again, haha…hahahaha…"


The redhead reaches an arm between his back and the tree and rubs his opposite shoulder with her thumb, then leans her head on the shoulder nearest her.

She licks her dry lips before speaking. “I usually try to encourage people to finish high school, because it means they will get a better job. Charlie wants to drop out, for example, but I keep reminding him that he’s already a senior and only has these few months left to go, so why not stick it out? But, really… everyone’s different, and some things are better for one person than what’s better for another.”

Lilah pauses to lift her head and look him in the eye.

"In your case, I know you could learn a trade and do well. I know you would work hard and could make a living without a high school diploma, running your own business. Your mother is upset now, and only sees one path for everyone. But I have faith you could prove to her that your own path is better for you than the general population’s path. And things will calm down. Maybe not today or this weekend, but sometime. For now, let’s unwind you, one step at a time.”

And she closes her eyes and leans in to press a soothing kiss on Zane’s lips.

Initially, Zane tenses up, eyes widening as Lilah kisses him. He can feel the heat turning his ears red and creeping up his neck and his hands are clenched tightly around the lighter.

But, after a second or two, he begins to relax and he begins to kiss her back. His shoulders are still kind of hunched, his hands are still a little too tight around his lighter, but his return kiss is soft and gentle, if a little sloppy.


She gently touches his shoulder, then brushes back some of his fringe. “No offense, but you don’t seem fine. And I’ve never seen you have an off day before, usually you’re so… relaxed. What’s wrong?” Lilah coaxes, leaning her shoulder against his.

There’s a tense pause and then Zane sighs, making the lighter go out and he cups it in his hands, brow furrowing. He accepts her weight, pushing back against her a little, and clenches his fingers around the lighter,

"I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been around lately…I’ve been skipping. School’s just…I don’ see the point of it, you know? Well it’s just…Al found out and he t-told my mom and—" His voice wavers and he stops, clearing his throat,

"And mom got really upset with me. Started goin’ on about how I need to have an education and askin’ if I wanted to be a bum on the streets and sayin’ this wasn’t whay dad would’ve wanted and stuff. Shook me up somethin’ fierce. I just…" Zane breaks off again, turning the lighter over in his fingers, staring at it, 

"I don’t see the point of goin’ to school, it’s got nothin’ for me. Only I upset mom and Brett and Chad are all testy with me for gettin’ her upset and now I don’t know what to do. It’s wound me up. I don’t like it."


Lilah decides to ride her bike, seeing as how she doesn’t need to drive Brandon to school, ad it’s not as cold as she thought once she puts on Mario hoodie and jeans.

She rides passed a figure, screeching slightly to a halt from gripping her bike brakes.

She hops off and walks her bike back, dumping it in the grass when she recognizes who it is, rushing over to him.

"Zane! Wh—? What are you doing alone out here, you look… A-are you okay?" she asks, a little frantic at first, then softening her tone.

Zane is hunched against a tree, his back to the world as he flicks a lighter on and off over and over again. When Lilah approaches him, he glances up and then away again. He keeps fiddling with the lighter.

“‘M fine.” The teen mumbles, “Just havin’ an off day is all…”

The lighter flicks on and off again, on and off again.



Oh~! Yes, of course!! That would be amazing, I’d love to! I think you would really enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist! And maybe you’d like Attack on Titan, too… or, ah, hmm. maybe InuYasha or Elfen Lied or something. We’ll see! All of that has blood and fighting in it, but… also really, really good storylines.

Plus, FMA is all about alchemy and equal exchange and human nature and stuff, so I think you’d like it best. It would be a good thing to try for your first, apart from Hayao Miyazaki films. Which reminds me! You would LOVE Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind! It’s all about helping nature and its creatures, really.

Eep, I’m a little too excited, sorry! I just like sharing things I love. 

You’d like Princess Mononoke as well, I think. That one has to do with the forest and its gods. I could marathon some of them! Maybe the Ghibli films first, since they are shorter in the long run.

W-wow, haha, that’s a lotta stuff to watch. I might have to come over multiple times *laughs awkwardly and stuffs his mouth with food, chewing slowly before swallowing*

I watched Mushi-shi and I really, really liked that. It was too slow for Brett and Chad which is why I think they think anime’s stupid. But it’s really good.



I have no idea what you just said but, uh, yeah! I’ll definitely enjoy!

*prods bento with his fork and then eats some of it thoughtfully* 

Mm! This is great! *digs in eagerly*

*giggles and covers her mouth with her hand* It literally means, “let’s eat!” It’s just something cute they say before they dig in, I dunno. I watch too much anime. *shrugs*

*smiles warmly* I’m so glad you like it, though. It’s mostly rice and seaweed and produce, so. I’m glad. <3

Yeah, it’s— *he takes another bite, chews, swallows* —it’s different but I like it a lot. 

Hey, haha, maybe, uh, maybe I should hang over at your place and we can just watch anime sometime. I haven’t seen a lot of it. Brett an’ Chad think it’s stupid but I’m kinda curious.


It’s meant to be adorable~! But that’s all the more reason for you to devour it whole. >:3 Bwahaha!

Hehehe, sure thing. Let me go grab some from the lunch line. Be right back!

*gets up and toddles over to the plastic utensils, grabs a fork and a few spare napkins, then moseys on back*

Here you go! Enjoy. Itadakimasu~ 

*proceeds to unsnap her chopsticks and open her own lunch to eat*

I have no idea what you just said but, uh, yeah! I’ll definitely enjoy!

*prods bento with his fork and then eats some of it thoughtfully* 

Mm! This is great! *digs in eagerly*